“My final major piece was a couture gown, inspired by the book The Night Circus. It was originally based on the main character but, the more it evolved, it changed to be more the feel of the circus. I kept the colour scheme and my inspirations from the book, rather than it be for a specific character. It started off being set in the same as the book, 1865 – 1885. I kept the undergarments fairly to the time period but, as it evolved, we made it more couture, with the help of my tutor Wayne Martin.

We made it a very progressive project, and he really liked bringing in 1950s couture feel. We looked at Charles James a lot, such as the swan gown. There’s also a lovely Dior video from the 2011 Spring/Summer couture collection, of black layering of net on a red fabric. There were a lot of different influences.

I transferred over from South Africa, where I did a three-year Fashion degree. I came into the second year of the Costume course, where you’d generally split off into makers and designers. I came over for the Summer Course, to see what the university was like, and that’s where I met Wayne. He influenced me to do a bit more making, which I really love. The staff are all so wonderful, it’s a great group of lecturers.

I’m staying in England, which is great! I’m hoping to find work, maybe London based, but just seeing what options are available to me at the moment.”