“I based my project on the idea of an androgynous clothing range, so it was using a brand called Grey Scale Goods. They are online and they don’t let customers see the clothes before they buy it, to stop preconceptions of what is masculine and what is feminine. They ask you to put yourself on a scale of 0, being masculine and 10, being feminine, dependent on where you see yourself. From that they use stylists to plan your wardrobe and how you accessorise, to make it appear masculine or feminine. It was really interesting to do, I was also looking into unnecessarily gendered objects and sexuality in the media. At the time I was researching there was a lot in the media about ‘Bruce Jenner’, Transgender, Gender Neutral and Gender Fluid, like ‘Miley Cyrus’.

I was taking references from Pop Punk, like David Bowie, Adam Ant, where it was very androgynous, it was like a radical change at the time. I used lots of colour, as it was like pop art in a way, very bright and flamboyant.

I was doing drawings of David Bowies outfits, looking at his iconic outfits, doing sketches for a few weeks, and he sadly died while I was doing my research. It was strange, all my research turned into present time looking at how he was and how he is, then I had to start writing about it all in past-tense.

I want to go into interior design, and look at more retail design. I’ve quite enjoyed that, and how innovative you can be. Trying to incorporate online to in-store and how we can keep more people on the high-street.”