“My quest is to understand more about the nature of reality and human perception and this has led me to explore the visible and invisible structures, processes and forces that permeate nature, from the micro-the functioning of the human brain, to the macro-the cosmos. 

Through my working process I explore the effects of improvisation, a dialogue between the intentional and the incidental. Although drawing is a tool that helps me think, visualize, explore and create, I often shift between a diverse range of mediums, placing importance on being creative within the process and allowing the direction of the piece to unfold. Ultimately, my intention is not to present a specific idea to the audience, but for the work to be suggestive and open-ended; the work is often an interplay between the abstract and the figurative, soliciting a more visceral response.

Through my Masters project, I have been working to describe my perceptions of the unseen force that permeates the universe as energy, and exploring mark making as a tool to convey the transformational process of energy materialising into solid matter.”