“I am interested in exploring the space between reality and the surreal. My work is heavily influenced by the natural world, it fascinates me how versatile wildlife and plants can be and how evolution has cooked up some remarkable ways for creatures to survive and adapt to an ever-changing world centred around humans. I create a dialogue of the relationship between man made objects and fantastical, extraordinary environments and habitats with a quirky and playful theme.

“I’m fanatical about line and detail I can get lost in reciprocating the wild places I want to create, my practice combines this obsession of mine with unusual stylized shapes and colours.

“Drawing is the most fundamental element to my work, I find working in pen or pencil is the most natural way for me to connect to my projects and watch my imagination and drawing grow. Drawing constantly challenges me and is how I generate ideas for my characters and landscapes, engaging these meticulously, labour intensive, handcrafted works with digital flat colours provides and interesting contrast and balance to my work. The harmony between traditional and digital media in my practice is an ongoing, constantly developing process echoing the nature of my subject matter between human and earth.

“Narrative has become an increasingly central motivator for my creations during my time at AUB, it is another way of exploring, thinking and getting lost and found between the fantasy and what is real. My inspirations now search for stories and new wondrous places in the habitats at our doorstep.”