Welcome to Project Mulch. Mulch is a big furry monster, designed and created by Lorna Moon, Ciara McClean and Freddy Holdsworth at AUB Modelmaking.

“Mulch started out as an idea in our second year. We went to visit John Nolan who specialsies in Animatronics. We saw his work and got really excited about it.

Ciara did all the character design and it spiralled from there. The face is all radio controlled and the suit itself is controlled by the person wearing it. He has his own beer as well – we are working on getting the beer into production. We’d like to make a promotional advert for it, featuring Mulch. Our tutors kept calling him munch and we got it wrong and called him mulch – we liked that better, it suits him. Its earthy.

We basically made him to show off and have something really cool for the show!”

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