“I directed Morning Song. It was my first experience directing something, so I was kind of in the deep end at first, but as you get to know what your team’s strengths are, you pull them together. I had someone who was really good at illustration, so character design was great for her. One person was really good at traditional drawing and the other was good at digital so one drew the layouts and the other added in the colour.

The main thing that was really cool about it is that you can collaborate. Even if you had set teams to begin with, you can talk to other team members who can also help. I think it’s a really good part of the course that everyone is collaborating.

It was really cool. The first year was the base training, second was starting to branch out into how to make films and third year you put it all to work in making your final film.

It’s been so good, because you have a go at pitching in your second year. There’s a terrifying moment when you stand in front of everyone from all three years of the course and tell them your idea.  You’ve already had the practice and get a response from the audience, and realise it’s something you really enjoy!

Next I’d like to do 2D animation or storyboarding. I was the animation lead on Morning Song, and also storyboarded it to begin with. I really enjoyed both those parts, so that’s the plan.”