“Sculpting is my favourite thing to do. Throughout my three years at AUB, I really wanted to make a freestanding creature bust and I wanted to combine it with make-ups as well.

I looked into the Wendigo legend, from Algonquian folklore. It’s a tribal legend about humans turning into deer-like beasts in the cold months, on the Atlantic Coast of the US and Canada.

The tribe would go into the forest and they would run out of food and turn to cannibalism. But when you go that far, the legend says that you turn into a monster – and that was what I created.

I then designed a whole stage and make-ups showing the transformation from human to this terrifying creature. I created two make-ups and then put them together, showing how the transformation would happen.

I collaborated with Visual Effects students at AUB to work on changing the eyes and all the tiny details like that.

I’m not quite sure yet which area of make-up I really want to go into. I went into the course wanting to work on film sets, but I’ve realised that it’s actually the making and the sculpting stages that are my favourite parts. That makes me think a job in a workshop would suit me more.

I’d like to get some work experience in a workshop. I’d also be really happy to go into prop-making as that’s all about the making side of things.

I’ve really enjoyed my time at AUB. I went in wanting to work in fantasy and sets but I didn’t know anything about wigs, for example, and I actually really enjoy making them. I’ve learned so many skills that I didn’t know before.”