“My final collection was all based around print, every single piece was digitally printed. It was based around drape and layering. The collection is called Mistaken Deception, so it was the idea of real drape and then printed drape that was flat. It may look 3D and textured but, when you touch them, they’re all very soft and flowy.

I’ve loved my time at AUB. Third year is mixed emotions, you love it and hate it all at the same time. You’re so passionate about what you’re doing, but also super stressed out. Coming to the end of it and seeing it all come together makes it all worth it.

I’ve worked with Photography and Make-up students on my look book, as well as stylists on our course. It makes it so much easier, to do that all on your own is a big job anyway, but it looks much more professional when you collaborate with other courses. Everyone is willing to help each other out.

I went to China for the Hempel Awards, which was amazing, and since then I’ve been working away. getting this done. No plan as of yet, so I’ll see what happens next!”