“For my final major project, I created a Faith, Fashion and Lifestyle publication. The whole aim of it is to encourage and empower women. It was born out of the frustration of constantly picking up Fashion magazines and, as a woman, being told one thing. To change. Whether that is to lose weight, to wear this, look like this, be like this. The whole message in every magazine was to change who you are.

“I was frustrated and wanted to create something that broke that mould and encouraged and empowered women. I wanted to say, actually you’re great they way you are, let’s celebrate you and champion you and really cheer you on.

“Although it is a publication, I really wanted to create a community and a sisterhood, and to bring back a little bit of love. I wanted to break down the insecurity and competition and jealousy.

“All of the articles in the magazine have the same underlying current of empowering and encouraging women. It’s also from a Christian faith perspective, so looking a little deeper into that and talking about subjects with biblical standpoints and views.

“The theme of this issue is Yes I Can. I’ve spoken to ordinary women who have achieved really awesome things, by saying ‘yes I can do that’. There are nine women in total, and they’re all totally different.

“There’s a woman who has been in the Fashion industry for over 30 years, and then a lady who is in her twenties and runs a community café.

“There’s a whole range of women telling their stories, in the hope that someone might read that and feel encouraged by their power and their bravery.”