“I based a lot of the collections on Sunday afternoons and the idea of having relaxing fun on a Sunday. Photographer Martin Parr, who does a lot of documentary and ironic photography about British homes and culture, was the inspiration. I mashed them up, but it went really well together.

This is a print I designed, this is a Martin Parr image I traced over and created, I used a lot of florals and plastic flowers and accessories that went with the outfit too. It was just having a lot of fun and being crazy and colourful. I would love to sell my collection if I can.

I think the course has really shown me that I can be myself, not have to conform. My design identity has really become my own and not been shaped by anyone else. Just the confidence to be myself and look for jobs and internships that will be best suited to me.

University has taught me to be myself and do what you love, if you are doing a project you are not passionate about, you are not going to do it well. To take the advice of the tutors, and take opportunities that come your way.

I am going to try and get a job in design to stretch my knowledge of fashion, I am looking at buyer and merchandising roles. I want to stay in Bournemouth because I really love it, it’s such a lovely relaxing place to be.”