“I based the project I am showing here, on the Mars One project. I started off looking at that, then came out with the narrative of four characters going to space. One of those is the protagonist who ends up floating into space on his own, creating origami bees to pass the time. I got a bit carried away, I made a book with double sided pages, so I am showcasing some of the pages.

The course has enabled me to do a lot of different things. For another project I was doing animation, I was looking at animated editorial illustration, and have done a lot of screen-printing which I learned in Bournemouth. I have enjoyed the course, as it has been very free and enabled me to find out what I like doing.

The thing that I want to develop the most is to get better at Photoshop. I’d like to develop work that looks like it has been screen-printed, but hasn’t, to try and make digital look printed.

I am feeling excited and nervous in equal measures. It’s sad to see uni go, but it is exciting to go out in the world and get work seen and see what other people think of your work, other than just tutors. I think it’s nerve wracking and exciting in equal measures. I am very excited to get out there and get freelance work and get my work seen by industry people.”