“My architectural education has developed a particular passion for organic architecture. This interest was significantly highlighted within the Research by Design project undertaken at the beginning of third year where I conducted an investigation into the many different interpretations of organic architecture as demonstrated by some renowned architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Oscar Niemeyer. As part of this I researched and discussed how architecture is inspired by nature through forms, scales, patterns and technology.

My Final Project continues exploring forms found within nature. The initial design development began by examining nature found within the site with a focus on coastal birds being interpreted as the ‘image’ of the town. The analysis of the ‘bird’ helped inform the design of the building in terms of structure, performance and aesthetics. I used the light, delicate and intricate aesthetic qualities of feathers to create a sensual, dramatic and theatrical experience within my final design. The design development stage of this project consisted of a persistent model making process where many variations of the same model were created from paper to mirror the properties of a feather. The final proposition for the scheme is a market place for Poole which focuses on encouraging social activity and driving energy back into this part of the town.”