Foundation — Fine Art Pathway

“During this final major project I have challenged myself to explore questions that examine aspects of man: humanity, what it is to be human and the ever-developing relationship between man, science, religion and technology, to consider where our boundaries lie.

Through a vast body of scientific research, artists, articles, film and novels that underpin my work, I came to realise the fictional ideas of a future where man and robot live together are no longer a distant fantasy, but increasingly becoming a reality. This lead me to question, how far will we go to creating new, improved versions of ourselves? Although these question seem daunting and frankly terrifying, they have drawn me closer to understanding the incredible complexity of the human form; our capabilities, emotions, ideas, dreams – aspects that can never be recreated.

I intended to experimented with a vast range of materials and found means to exhibit these experiments. The cycle begins central, at the top with the symbol of the mother, mother earth. Clockwise each individual box reveals a different aspect of man and the relationships between the natural and the industrial, energy and electricity, presenting the time line of each up to the current day. It ends without answers but presents the fingertips of man and robot almost touching, almost connecting, almost one.

There are many underlying concepts to my piece that touch on all aspects of humanity, a reflection of society today. I aimed to ask questions, make others questions and take a moment to embrace our culture, human desires and ideas of progress, yet retain a sense of forewarning. Taking great inspiration from Mary Shelley’s novel ‘Frankenstein’ my piece is riddled with quotes that explore the difficulties and problems of creating life through scientific discovery and technological advancements.

I hope to make people think and question, raise debate and spark interest. Throughout this project I have challenged myself on many levels, and learned a great deal, pushing my concepts and abilities, yet barely grazing the surface of the vast unanswerable question of “What makes us Human?”