“This piece was for one of the AUB productions ‘Nine till six’, which was based in the 30’s within a department store. They used to have real life mannequins rather than clothes on shop mannequins so people used to wear the clothes within the stores and that was their job. So this was a dress made for one of the ladies who was working as a mannequin.

The dress was made from silk for the main part of the dress and its cut on the bias which gives it a bit of stretch because it’s a very figure hugging dress, I made the pattern myself with the dress and the cape.

I have really enjoyed the course, it’s very challenging but I have really enjoyed it.

Now I have graduated, I plan to do some freelance work. I’ve been commissioned to make a lady a dress for her son’s wedding which is a very similar style to this and I’m hoping to get more business out of that.”