“My final work is called Man in the Mist, a WW1 film about a nurse and a soldier. I wounded soldier is bought in from the front and he’s having to cope with the trauma of being on the battlefield. The nurse comes in and this is her first perspective of the war. It’s the contrast of his very visual image of the war, and her just coming to understand the pains of it.

It’s a massive uphill struggle. We pretty much went into first year believing that we’d come out with these great graduation films, and now that I’m here, it feels like I’ve been on a massive journey, especially this last year. It’s been exciting but much harder than I expected. Going into third year was much more of a challenge.

The one thing I’ve definitely come to learn more about is the routine on set. Dealing with a whole crew, managing that, and having some sort of answer to any questions! It’s been an amazing experience; I absolutely love the people I’ve met here. The tutors are really helpful.

I hopefully want to do a bit more directing. I love screenwriting as well, so hopefully find an internship with a film company.”