“My final role this year has also been my favourite role! Maisie Merryweather in AUB’s collaboration production The Boy Friend was a challenging and cheeky character and I loved playing her from start to finish. Maisie had a childish playfulness about her, mixed with a sort of sultry sexiness. Difficult to get the right balance, but a character I’m very proud of and will be fond of for a long time to come. The opportunity to sing alongside such a professional band as Kokoro was really a privilege, and Mark Forkgen (musical director, conductor, and pianist) was incredibly supportive and positive throughout.

My time at AUB was, without wanting to sound cliché, definitely the best three years of my life to date. I met so many talented young artists who had the passion and drive to create wonderfully diverse theatre. This was exhibited during the Negotiated Practice performances, when I saw a different side to people I had worked closely with for a long time. I have never laughed or cried so much in my life and each piece was a fitting final testament to the people who had created it. During my three years I discovered so many things about myself, and with the support of my peers, achieved things I never thought I could be capable of.

I am currently applying for jobs as a theatre facilitator for children with special needs. I volunteered at Victoria Education Centre (a specialised school in Branksome) whilst researching for my Negotiated Practice and really enjoyed the experience of applied theatre practice.”