“This is a collaboration piece with the AUB Animation course, to make a lumberjack puppet for stop motion. I made the puppet with an armature foam body and material clothes. He’s got 15 other eyebrow expressions. The animation is a story between him and a raccoon, where the racoon steals his pie and he gets revenge. The eyebrows have little magnets underneath, so they pop on and off and you can change his expression quite easily.

I thought the collaboration was really good. It was nice having a client, someone to instruct you when they want you to do something a certain way. It was a really good experience, I’m really glad I did it.

I decided I wanted to do both the model and learn about traditional pieces. For the stained glass window I contacted a company in Ringwood and worked with them for about 6 weeks on and off making it. I went there every other day during a week and learnt how to cut the glass, solder etc. I’ve fallen in love with glass making

It’s based on the Gloucester cathedral cloister. I’ve made a 1:10 scale of the cathedral, and then that’s 1:2 of the windows.

I’ve learnt so much. When I think I knew nothing when I joined the course, I’ve learnt an awful lot. I think my preferred field is animation but, truth be told, I’ve enjoyed all the work experience I’ve done.”