“My project was inspired from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s quote about how fashion has devalued the cross. I wanted to explore weather the meaning of the cross had been lost in a fashion statement, so I gathered research from both perspectives and found a clear contrast between how people viewed the cross, which enabled me to be very experimental with my project.

My final pieces were visual metaphors aiming to shock viewers and encourage them to think from a different perspective. I created an empty bible, to metaphorically show how something so powerful, can have no value after its meaning has been taken away.

The design of the cross top, was made to look like an ordinary fashion top, but with an unknowing religious undertone to it. When the top is worn, a crucifix becomes exposed on the back so that the person wearing the top cannot see the crucifix, but others can. This reflects the idea of perception- to show how people wearing the cross can sometimes be unaware of the subjectivity surrounding the fashion cross when it is worn as a trend.

My time at AUB has been very enjoyable. This final year has been a lot of hard work, but it has turned out to be very rewarding one- especially when you see your idea come to life. Seeing our work on display at D&AD made me realise how diverse our course is, everyone’s final outcomes were all different, from print, to videos, and installations, I think that’s what is so good about the course- having the option to literally do anything, with the help and guidance from the tutors. I am so glad that I picked such a good course, thanks AUB!”