“I’m from Los Angeles –  a while back I was visiting Bournemouth on holiday and I loved it here. MA Illustration has been very open ended and as a result I have ended up pursuing things I don’t think I ever would have before.

My final project is 2 pronged. My background is in sculpting, but on this course I have been working with digital. The crux of my masters work was exploring different digital artworks and how they can be applied to Illustration.

The digital rendering technology I used in this project is mostly used by people in the movie and games industry. I wanted to use the same technology in a manner thats closer to Fine Art. As a hand sculpter I was always very gestural – I like to show the process behind my work. I wanted to find a way of incorporating that aesthetic into the digital art.

I came up with a way of showing the model with vectors and layers – exposing parts of the building blocks of the piece. Artists like Rodin leave their mould marks – I wanted to do that in a digital way.

I used a technique called data bending. I took a picture of myself in my room with a Joy Division shirt and guitar. I manipulated it using audacity – a sound editing programme. I added reverb and echo. I was doing musical covers of musicians I liked, so I wanted a piece of me hidden in there. You can actually play the file – I mean it sounds weird, but it does work! The result is these Vinyl covers.

The second part of my project – I used 3D Printing to illustrate childrens books for the blind. I 3D printed characters from the tortoise and the hare. For the show I will have a scene with simple trail that is tactile. I want to develop a way it can be distributed cheaply and easily – so you could download your own story.

I had a childhood fascination with playing with action figures – why should that be separate from the story? It’s a part of the storytelling experience.”