“My work is very conceptual. I came from more of a Fine Art background with my photography. I did my Foundation at AUB and then, from there, I was advised and felt that it was a good idea to go into Commercial Photography. I wanted to gain more commercial awareness within my work, and make a career out of photography.

I’m very inspired by articles I read and social and political issues, so I thought that might lead me down the documentary route. Because I like doing constructive photography, such as thinking of a theme or concept and then creating it in my own way, I felt it would be best to produce my own imagery.

Technology and the development of technology is a key theme within my work. I like to think about the future of that, and what it means for human interaction and intimacy. It also overlaps to how I shoot my work. I like to think about the cameras I’m using, how I construct my work, and the execution of it.

This particular project, Logging on to Love, I shot with an iPhone, a webcam, and a DSLR camera. I was looking at online relationships and cyber-sex, so I thought it would be an interesting way to use that method.

The units themselves are really good. In first and second year you get more of a brief to work from. It is nice to have free range but, whilst you’re finding your style, it’s good to have more of a focus. When you get into third year, I like how they put you into specific genre groups. You get to work with likeminded people, and discuss specific photographers, artists etc.

At the moment I think I’m taking on the part-time MA Commercial Photography at AUB. I’m based in London, so part-time works for me as I can still gain industry experience.

In August I’m taking on a mentorship programme, assisting a Photographic Artist, which will be a great opportunity.”