“We’ve made  a comedy about not growing up or about there not being such thing as an adult, so you don’t have to act your age, you don’t have to be mature if you don’t feel like it. It’s gone down really well. Today’s been the first day I’ve seen it with an audience and it’s so satisfying to see everyone laughing. For a while, we didn’t know if what we thought was going to be funny was funny. You go through phases with it where you think that no-one’s going to enjoy it and things like that.

It’s taken a year and we had to fundraise for it. We raised all the money ourselves and we shot the film about four months ago. It’s just a really collaborative thing. We work across the disciplines in film and we bought in costume students, make-up students and graphic designers. It’s one of the best things and it’s something Harry [Jackson, Director] said before it started. He said that one of the best things about making this film has been the collaborative side and getting everyone together.”