“I made Listen up Emily, which is a musical. I wrote it and directed it, and had a massive crew from all over AUB. It was a great collaborative piece. I worked with Costume, Make-up and even Illustration students. To get everyone together, I just sent a lot of emails and kept in contact. It’s important to be as available to them as well, because they’re doing you a favour.

The film is about a girl’s wedding day. She decided she wants to leave and run away, but then changes her mind and wants to go back. The moment she decides to go back, she ends up in a musical world, in 50s Paris.

I watched Singing in the Rain and, the moment where he starts singing the song, just really sums up the feeling expressed through song and dance. I found that interesting and wanted to use song and dance and music to express something without specifically saying it.

I really enjoyed my time at AUB. I was able to do what I wanted to do, and you get to work with everyone.”