“All my work is designed for retail. I wanted to create quirky pieces that would draw people in. The lips made of lipstick would be used to display shades of red for a brand. It has been created using Rhino to lay out the lipsticks evenly, then the base is laser cut black acrylic attached to painted black MDF for strength. The lipstick head was lathed from cemi wood, and then repeated with a silicone mold. Each lipstick head has been made from fast cast, and pigmented accordingly.

A lot of mannequins these days are very realistic, so I designed the trio of heads to take away any identity so the focus becomes the clothes not the mannequin. I wanted to showcase a reflection about contemporary reality on the “complex, chaotic, cruel, beautiful and wonderful” world we live in. I wanted to create a range which was unique, and distorted the human look to a mannequin face.”