Internationally renowned photographer and AUB alumnus, Giles Duley, exhibited One Second of Light in TheGallery from 26th November – 17th December 2015. He also gave the very first ‘One Piece of Advice‘ open lecture about his career in photography,

Having worked for 10 years in editorial photography, Duley now focuses his work on humanitarian projects, working with well-respected charities such as Medecins Sans Frontiers, IOM and UNHCR in order to highlight lesser-known stories deserving of public attention and action.

The ‘One Second Of Light’ exhibition is a collection of photographs created over the past decade. It’s not a retrospective, but rather an anthology of stories, moments that let us take a glimpse into the lives of others. Whilst the photographs are created in places of conflict and disaster, these are not images of victims or events, but rather moments of life and normality, scenes that we can all relate to. They are stories about a shared humanity.

When putting this collection together,” said Duley, “I became fascinated by the question of time. Most of my images are taken at 1/60 sec and  1/125 second, which means when you put this whole collection together, the reality is they only add up to a second of light. A second that gives insight into other lives, but also makes us question how much we don’t see. I see myself as a storyteller, and this exhibition represents my reflections on the most powerful stories I’ve been entrusted with.”

The exhibition included a collaborative installation: 21,900,000,000 and counting – a social media camera obscura, by Giles Duley, Simon Pride and Martin Coyne.

Using the orientation of the International Space Station, which orbits the earth every 90 minutes, a 5km search grid captures and displays posts against their global location in real time as they are uploaded.

In a world that is super saturated with images, this digital installation responds to the struggle of photographers to create images that illuminate our lives.