“I am an Illustrator, my work is inspired by that of objects; specifically ceramics and pottery. Primary research within museums and galleries within sketchbooks is an important part of my practice, and provides me with a starting point for my work. The use of the sketchbook allows me to research, think and observe through drawing. For this reason, my images interrogate the limits of the sketchbook spine and edges, pushing the boundaries of its traditional format to create interesting studies of the things around me.   

“Focussing mainly on ceramics from different countries of the world, I try to find those that tell a story of their own social and cultural histories. Through drawing and painting, I hope to find a new way of looking at these pieces. Observational drawing and research for me is a way of learning and understanding a world around me that I want to learn more about.

“Initially through the use of coloured pencil, I explore through visual language these three-dimensional objects on the page. I am then able to further this investigation through gouache paint; a material which I am able to challenge myself with in regards of the composition and perspective of my images. I also look to paint on ceramics themselves, to find new ways of telling stories through the glazes.”