“In my first year I watched the graduate’s musical, Three Penny Opera and I knew that I wanted to be in the final musical. The third years then, were performing at such a high level and it looked like they were having fun and that’s what I wanted to do. I was lucky enough to be cast in The Boy Friend and it was great fun. Everyone from the beginning was there to produce a good quality show. I enjoyed the challenges of working on a musical because as everything is larger than life and has a different feel. I was in awe of Mark Forkgen and the Kokoro team as they were such skilled professionals.

The acting course has definitely been a challenging and growing experience. I’ve learnt a lot about the acting world and I feel prepared for the industry and its challenges. What made this experience unique is that the tutors have always encouraged us to relish our individuality.

Now that I am graduating I’ve gained work with a company called Perform, that uses theatre as a means to help kids gain confidences and other life skills through workshops. I’ve also been invited back to Bourne Academy in Bournemouth were I’ve previously lead workshops.”