“I did three different projects. My first project is Carbons and that was a grey colour palette project. I was looking at trying to control a colour balance and then the lighting and trying to get that all in one. My second project was about a story called La Femme; it is about a female that’s been made vulnerable because of a male. I wanted to capture it from a female’s perspective without a male being present.

I shot this project in Iceland – this was in a place called The Secret Lagoon. If you go to the Golden Circle, they take you down the tracks, so this was on the route. I originally wanted to do it in Blue Lagoon, as I love it, It’s stunning.

The lagoon was 38°c. It was in the most awful weather outside, it was a snowstorm. It was absolutely stunning though; I’d never seen anything like it. We did a four-hour shoot, so we got all the clips. It was horrible; the model couldn’t wait to get in the water. But yeah, it was amazing. I’m really, really happy with the results. At the time I felt a bit nervous, I wasn’t sure whether they came out right, I was little bit scared to go through them. I wanted to show that I could do something abroad at the same time – to show my ability and flexibility.

I had some help from my housemate, who is Icelandic. A lot of it was on my own back as well. I had to find make-up artists, I had to find and then work with a designer for this.

The third one is meant to link a bit, so at the time I did it as one project.  It was under La Femme, but the issue was that I wasn’t sure how my second project was going to come out. I decided that I would shoot it in England when I got back from my studies in case it didn’t go too well. They allowed me to do this in a hotel in Sway; I did it in a bathtub. I experimented for weeks working out how to make water white; we tried milk powder and things like that. In the end we found out that there’s a product called Oilatum, it’s soap so it doesn’t smell as bad. My model that went in the milk said she ‘stank for days’!

As I got two good images from a good set, I couldn’t drop it. They said that I needed to submit it as another, so I called it Lonely Souls. It’s on the same kind of story as this work –the vulnerability of females. At the time I was going through quite a few things that was making me rather emotional, I wanted that to come through in my work but not in a negative way, I wanted it to come through in quite a peaceful way. It relaxed me and made every bit of my energy go into my work. So it really benefitted me, and I’m really happy with the results.”