“My final major project is a hypothetical theatre costume, for an adaptation of the Kung Fu Panda movies for stage. I noticed that the animation was very elaborate and stunning and I thought it’s the perfect sort of thing to be viewed on a stage. I started by making some concept art, and developed my designs to sew this costume. As we’re model making, we dabble in costume a little bit, but we also like to do the more sculptural, hard edge stuff. This is where the headdress comes in. I’m quite happy with how the two pieces work as a combination.

The rat was a live brief, we do collaborations quite a lot, and I worked with some Film Production students. The film students decided they wanted to go for a more authentic look rather than CG for their puppets, so I made this chap for them. He’s actually part of a group of three. I picked this one to show today because he’s the biggest and has a bit more presence than the other two. The whole theme of their film was to be based around the concept of litter, and how it would affect the futuristic society. He has a jaw mechanism in there, so he can snap and bite. It’s quite a complex project, there was a lot involved and I’d not done much work with movement before, but I learnt so much through it.

I was a bit daunted at the start because I wasn’t sure how working with students would be. I felt that throughout the work our interactions were very professional. It was good to imitate those relationships so that I can go out and do the same in industry.

I’m hoping to start freelancing. I don’t want to pigeonhole myself, I like to do a lot of things, but I’m happy to work within the media industry most. If that goes well I’m hoping to save up and start up a small workshop. I’ve got an associate who’s very good at sewing and making costume related things, and I’m more into the sculptural things, so we’d make quite a good team in that respect.”