“These are a pair of shoes inspired by Kandinsky.

I’d like to work in footwear, but come at it from an architectural angle. These aren’t wearable, I’ve put them on but wouldn’t walk in them! I am more interested in sculptural and exhibition pieces.

I made friends with a furniture maker over the summer and she does a lot of laminating work. This inspired to me try and use as many techniques as possible in this project. I’ve wanted to work with leather for a long time. This was a 5 week project – the finale!

I also created a pair of 17th century replica shoes for an exhibition in Bournemouth for the BU Archaeology department. They’ve been bringing up pieces from the Swash wreck in the Channel and they found an old shoe, so I created them a replica. They were tough to make as everything is hand sewn. It was great to collaborate on that project with a guy who makes them professionally on the Isle of Wight. He lent me the ‘Lasts’ which are the wooden blocks you make the shoes on.

I’ve loved AUB Modelmaking – it’s so flexible and there are lots of opportunities to collaborate with people on other courses. I started with an animation background, working for Aardman Animations. The people I met there said go and do this course! I’m so glad I did.”