“I made a K2 telephone box. There are two K2s in London, so I went and visited them and took loads of measurements. I then made it into a puzzle, so it can be taken apart.

“I visited an enthusiast and he had an original phone and coin box, so I did the same and took measurements of that. He sells original posters on eBay, so I went to him and bought copies of the posters, then scaled them down.

“I also made a stop motion puppet and had third year animators as clients. I had to make the puppet to their drawings, he’s Horatio the Orangutang . The fur is made from lamb’s wool, which I dyed orange.

“I wanted the face to be solid and then to be able to put the plasticine on top, a bit like Shaun the Sheep.

“I also did a training course with Tracy Chapman, who was trained by the Queen’s milliner. She taught me how to work with felt, netting, straw etc. Over that week, I did three hats. So I tried to replicate them at home.

“There’s been a lot of work packed in. It’s been really fun! It’s amazing how you try everything, and realise what you want. I was focusing on the softer edges like sewing, felt, and fur, then my last final piece was this project model. Having made that, I realised that’s what I loved and I’d like to find a job in. I’m hoping to get a job in the product modelmaking industry.”