“My final work consisted of doing my final major project, alongside award entries. I was quite lucky as I won a D&AD pencil, and I’ve got a YCN Commendation.

For my D&AD entry I worked on the Crimewatch brief, which was to keep people interested after the programme ends. Crimewatch has many viewers, but it’s at an irregular time slot every few weeks. There’s nothing in between to keep people engaged.

My idea was to use the BBC news app, which already has around 10million users, and build my idea as an extension of that. When crime occurs in your area, you’ll get a notification and stay informed.

It’s been fun from day one. Every year we’ve had new tutors bringing in new styles etc. In first year we had Roger who taught us traditional type setting, letter press etc. Then in second year Alice showed us a lot of digital, so most of our projects were more motion based. In third year we had Marion and she blows you away with knowledge. The projects were so vast, and she encourages you to choose a path and follow that.

For my final major project, I started with the word challenges and challenged myself to build a website in 20 minutes. My final part was to create a campaign to raise awareness for suicide amongst men under the age of 45.

At the moment I don’t know what the future holds. I have an interview lined up with BBC. I’m pushed more into digital design rather than editorial and print, as I think that’s where design is going these days. Hopefully I’ll end up doing app design and web design.”