Continually shifting medium, Jonathan Ellery’s work spans sculpture to performance. His subject follows constant themes of everyday life, memory and more recently, religion. The book also plays a central role in Ellery’s work, manipulating paper and font to create tactile objects of art.

Ellery studied Graphic Design, graduating to become a Graphic Designer in London. His first notable shift towards working as a solo artist began in 2005 with “136 Points of Reference”.

This exhibition at the Andrew Roth Gallery, New York included a self-published art title.

The coupling of exhibition and book continued with “Unrest” The Wapping Project in London, demonstrating his fascination with the book medium, which has played a significant role throughout his art practice.

Following success as a Creative Director at various companies, Ellery co-founded the British design studio Browns in 1998. In partnership with Aaron Easterbrook he creatively runs Browns, completing a combination of cultural and commercial commissions.

Clients include Channel 4, Hiscox, Bafta and Dries van Noten.In 2008 Ellery was nominated for the Brit Insurance Designs of the Yearand he has exhibited at the Design Museum in London.