“In first year we are taught all the mediums and encouraged to explore everything. We touch on advertising, photos, typography, packaging, websites and videos, so in the second year we can use each for whatever we want. They push us towards being our own critic, which is important.

The most important things I have learned at AUB are to be nice to people and work hard. At the D&AD show I hope to meet a lot of people and look at the other students work, as it’s really exciting to see what kind of styles they are doing, it’s the eye candy of design.

I feel sad that I’m leaving, I don’t want to leave the course. I have been really involved in the course as much as possible –  I  designed the catalogue and done everything that was available to me, and I feel like it’s too soon to be over.

I would like to get a job in Bournemouth as I liked the course so much I don’t want to move anywhere, it would be nice to pop back and see the lecturers to see how they are doing, and I love the beach.”