“I am an illustrator with a diverse practice deriving from over a decade of experience as an artist, designer and educator. Using a tactile range of tools, mediums and resonant materials, my illustrations often seek to interrogate society and its values. I like to raise questions and communicate differing or oppositional ideas through creating expressive and affective imagery.

“My practice primarily responds to illustration briefs and commissions. Yet at the same time distinctly individual visual sensibilities and notions of creative identity drive me to challenge my processes and thinking throughout. Embracing the implementation of new techniques and shifting styles, outcomes are cemented by critical reflective analysis.  Interrogating the contemporary contexts and discourses affecting my work, I continually expand my repertoire and further collaborative relations with other practitioners and creative industries. 

“My growing research interest in museums, galleries and curatorial methods of display plays an important role in extending the reach of my illustrative enquiry.  For this reason, I am currently seeking internships and practical gallerist experience in support of my practice.”