Volkswagen have offered an endorsement of the final major project of Level 6 student Carl Williams, who designed a robotic home for a young woman suffering from tetra-amelia syndrome.

Carl said: ‘The aim of the project was to provide Independence for a severely disabled person, born without all of her limbs. Her name is Joanne O’Riordan. Using futuristic but realistic technologies, Joanne’s living space is transformed around her to allow her to function with complete independence.

The project aimed to fill a gap that exists in residential design and disabled design at present. Buildings are not designed to accommodate people with such severe disabilities and this project does that.’

Volkswagen Press and PR: “Volkswagen believes that good design is essential for progress. Design should have a purpose and move the game forward. In combination with good technology and engineering and by working in partnership from the conception to the execution of a product the best results can be achieved. We need to train the designers and engineers for the future and hence it is important that university courses offer the high quality tuition which helps produce the designers of tomorrow.

We welcome the contribution students such as Carl Williams at University of Arts Bournemouth could make in the future.”

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