“My inspiration for The Inexplicable Cabaret Circus, a show and dining experience, came from a combination of different shows and events I had seen or been part of in my past three years at University.

Through volunteering at Pavilion Dance I was able to see a lot of their performances. Through awe I was inspired to hold an event that was very performance based. The 1930’s Circus, Cirque du Soleil and swing cabaret where also all huge influences.

I really wanted to create something different for Bournemouth that was fun and incorporated dining and a show, a perfect combination. It was also important that we used a unique space to set this show in so finding a church that had never been used before for the event was literally perfect. Church meets Circus!

A lot was learnt from holding this show but now I know the process and what it takes I would most defiantly do it all over again. The idea to hold The Inexplicable Cabaret Circus again has been spoken of but this time bigger and better, so we’ll see the future holds.”