“The chosen route for the hybrid building in Poole was to create a large scale, bakery with hotel; a place to live, eat, work and learn. The baking aspect was important at the beginning as it was specifically chosen to link the project with the research by design unit, “Cake and Architecture; A Concrete Conoisseur”.

Incendium; latin for fire/heat of passion. The semantics of the architecture originally began with this idea of fire and heat, physically mirroring this with the use of the form of a bottle kiln for a unit of space. Incedium is a sculptural monolith. The visitor is invited to come in, led by an undulating wall which wraps itself from the exterior of the site into the central circulation core of the building. The spaces are identified distinctly within the levels of the building, and the way in which light is crafted into each floor identifies just how public or private a space is, even though all spaces are open to anyone.”