“This investigation graphically represents imperfections by intentionally subverting objects. The Imperfect Campaign intends to make social statements in an unconventional way by making the viewer question their attitude towards them.

The idea came from me delving into the broad subject of imperfections. I didn’t wish to focus on body image as this is a prominent issue in todays society. It developed by looking into the perfection of social media and subverting the angle in which we perceive it.

My inspiration for this project came from looking into body image. During my initial research it was obvious that there were bigger issues that could be addressed within this concept. I overcame this by stepping out of my comfort zone and thinking a little more conceptually.

I like the fact that it subtly points out social issues; you see a beautiful bike and then shortly after you acknowledge that the wheels are square which allows the viewer to search out a deeper meaning within the visuals and interrogate them.”