“The focus of my project work has been based around a residency at Lulworth Estate, Dorset, using drawing as enquiry. I have been working with staff and exploring the landscape in order to create a body of work that challenges a ‘Point of View’. My work is routed in observational drawing; a journey of exploration through mark making in environment, and drawing as a response and documentation of experiences, atmosphere and action. I have a passion for the outside, and choose usually to work on location and in amongst the elements, but also back in the studio where my drawings inform various printmaking processes.

The MA Show does not present a final piece but a complete body of work; the drawings and printmaking that I have created over my time in residence.

I am in the process of completing an illustrated walking guide from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door and hope to launch it, along with an interactive landing page and mural within the next month.

My time at AUB has been a journey of discovery, not just as an illustrator but also in a personal sense. I chose to embark on an MA in a subject I had no previous experience in, and was anxious but excited to see where the year would take me. The course has been challenging in that it tested my image making processes, my ideas and my resolve to be an image-maker. But it has also been rewarding in the fact that now I have a clearer idea of my working and professional practice, and has given me to tools to be proactive in seeking a more adventurous creative and challenging career as an illustrator. 

What does the future hold for me? I want to work in the landscape, in England and further afield, and hope to travel whilst making drawings and discoveries in exciting places.”