Students from both the BA (Hons) Illustration and MA Illustration have created designs for a new Smart Car wrap for Mercedes-Benz – two of which have now been produced.

Lisa Richardson, BA (Hons) Illustration Course Leader said“I became aware of this project from Violet McClean who runs TheGallery, who suggested I meet up with Martin White from Sandown Motors. I was quite excited about car wraps and seeing the potential for Illustrators to start working with either the interiors or exteriors of cars. I had quite a few students who had come to me and said they’d like to work in the motor industry, so when I heard about this project I thought it was one of the best I’d come across.

Our course is all about pushing the boundaries of what illustration can be, and for our students to have the opportunity to have their design driving around the country is incredible.”

The winning students get to keep the Smart Car with their design on for 1 month.

Vikki Gibson, MA Illustration said: “What a great opportunity it was. They wanted something that represented freedom and getting out of the city. My design is a migrating flock of birds, which is great for the city but also for a weekend away. This was such an exciting competition – great brief and unique opportunity to design for a totally different format. I love the Smart for Four car and can’t wait to drive one with my original design on.  I am absolutely thrilled to have won as the standard of illustration was so high and all the finalists designs would have looked great on cars. Its great to have such a prestigious brand as Mercedes Benz in my portfolio. Brilliant.”

Rosan Magar, BA (Hons) Illustration, second year said “My wrap is really colourful and vibrant, it’s meant to represent fun and urban life. I’ve never designed for a car before, but it was really fun.”