Foundation — Fine Art Pathway

“My project is on “Identity”. After exploring range of perspectives on the topic, the work conveys my opinion towards it.

It is made out of many different colours and sizes of human shaped keys, lasercut and arranged in a circular format, presenting many unique individuals in the world. The key figures shows the idea of ‘you create your own life’ as possessing a key for the door lock means you are in control of locking and unlocking the door; the door as the metaphor for new life and opportunity.

The use of generic human figure presents people of the world. The idea of creating one’s own life is similar to the idea of existentialism but in a positive way. I was inspired by portraiture works of Cindy Sherman and Nikki S. Lee, where they presented themselves in many different characters. Combined with other researches such as narcissism and individualism, I thought that each person is capable of controlling their life.

Therefore through my work, I wanted the viewers to question about their own identity and realize that right thoughts and actions determine their future self, thus identity.”