“For my Final Major project my research and imagery was influenced by the reflective, transparent and distorted surfaces within X-ray vision and skeletal fish. I combined the use of a microscope and camera to photograph disarticulated fish bone remains collected from the Bournemouth University archive.

I applied my mixed media skills: CAD embroidery, Hand embellishments, Laser cutting and Digital Print as an addition to help me explore different surface qualities to work with. Amongst my research high-end design company Jakob Sclaepfer inspired my way of working. Their fashion fabrics influenced my choice of techniques, where I combined the Sonic welder and Laser cutter, to re-create fringing techniques and embellishments to form my own materials. As an addition I used the heat press for vibrant colour and flat textures to work back into.

Being awarded the Textile Society award enabled me to continue working with a range of innovative fabrics. I used a combination of rigid and fluid materials, including shiny, matt, and metallic surfaces. In my drawing and developmental processes I experimented with different qualities of papers to inspire my fabric choices.

I have learnt so much at AUB and I have really enjoyed having the freedom to explore mixed media processes. We received regular tutorials and critiques with Anne-Marie, lecturers and designers from the industry and there advice has helped me develop my personal work and skills. I am currently working as a Visual merchandiser but I would prefer a job in design. I aim to gain as much experience in the industry in the next year, before completing a Masters. I also have an interest in working with Hodge Sellers and Jane Bowler. I am going to miss being in a creative studio with everyone else, but I am excited to see what is next.”