“It made me feel so good to see my collection out there and to see my hard work be finally finished. It feels amazing really.

I think our tutors were amazing, they prepare you for how to achieve what you want, and I think that is the most important, the teachers are really good.

I think the designing and doing my portfolio and the sketchbook process was my favourite part. The making, sewing and the pattern cutting, were also my favourite parts.

I would definitely recommend the course to someone else, you pick up a lot of skills, that you use not just for designing, sowing and pattern cutting.

Next I am hoping to get a job in a studio, hopefully in London as that’s where I want to live, hopefully in menswear as I want to be a menswear designer.

The knitting part was one of my favourite pieces, the collection was mostly yellow and blue outerwear. The inspiration was Icelandic fisherman, to celebrate my heritage. I took inspiration from where I came from. My granddad was a fisherman, so I took inspiration from him really.”

Visit Lara’s website to see more of her work.