“I’ve been exploring the theme of hybrid, in a really broad way. I’ve been looking at different things within the theme of hybrid, so Greek mythology, cloning, evolution, biology, nature etc. Then I’ve tried to realise all of my ideas in sculpture, merging natural materials to create these wonderful hybrids.

Initially I welded metal armatures, then covered them in plaster and straw and scrim. Then I built them up with bits of trees, nests and wings, anything I can get my hands on really. The skulls are real, most of the materials I’ve got I collected from back home. I live in a really rural area, so there’s a lot of things I can just pick up and play around with.

I’ve had a really, really good time on Fine Art. I initially started with 2D work, I was doing a lot of drawing. Only this year I’ve started doing sculpture, so it’s been really great to branch out a bit. I’ve applied for the MA, and I actually won the Dorset Visual Arts prize. So, if I stay on the MA, I’ll be doing exhibitions, publications and talks with them.”