“For my Final Major Project I wanted to focus on creature designing and making characters. I enjoy the finer details in make-up now, so I went through the whole prosthetics designing and then sculpted and made a creature that faces immortality. He basically got infected with Smallpox and created a serum that turned him immortal, but he used animal DNA so it made him into a Dalmatian – Pig- Bald Raven – type creature.  I wanted to play on the thought of having animal qualities, mixed with humans. I want to go more into being a designer, rather than just being on set, so I thought that I would start to teach myself to think more of the process fully, rather than just the end make-up.

My time at AUB was challenging, I must say. I learned a lot, like now I know how to do everything from hairdressing to fashion to everything really. I’m experimenting with it and I’m able to do it. The best thing is that I was able to collaborate with a lot of people, especially within the last few months, I’ve met some amazing people, and have done some amazing work for people. I know how to go about being a designer, even though I know you have to start at the bottom, I’ll work my way up. I have that it me now, and I know how to do it.

Right now, I’m helping out on a Master’s film, and doing a photoshoot for a friend. Then I’m going to do some travelling, I’m going to America to see what it is like. I want to test the waters there. Then I’ll come back, I plan on doing more creature maquettes and other projects. I’m planning on doing more, larger versions, like busts and seeing where that avenue takes me.”