“I have the big Houdini book here today, it was for the International Society of Type Designers award, which I got a pass for. The brief was milestones, you had to pick a person or a subject and pick out the key milestones of that topic. I chose Houdini, his greatest tricks, and the secrets behind them.

For example, the needle trick was one of his famous tricks. He swallowed 50-100 needles and regurgitated them all threaded. You pull out a roll inside and it reveals how the trick was done. In reality, he pretended to swallow them. He had them pre threaded hidden between his gums, he hid them by his tonsils, it was all fake. He had to trick the judges, it was complete deception.

I think the work shows how I have progressed over the course. The size is A2, which was hard to print and technically difficult. It shows thinking in different ways, showing more things and taking risks.

The personal skill would be to take more risks and try more things. For example, there is a catapult here that is launching concrete slabs, it is more about trying new things and making things more exciting and stand out from the rest.

I feel sad the course is coming to an end, its such a nice and friendly university so it feels almost like home. I am excited for the next step in the journey, getting a job, contacting studios and agencies, and moving forward.”