“Taking an unconventional source of inspiration from crumpled and damaged scrap cars, my final project ‘Heavy Metal’ was inspired by the surfaces, shapes and textures found on the beat-up metals.

Through the use of heat press sublimation printing combined with hand and digital embroidery, I have explored the tension between the perfect and imperfect by creating prints and embroideries for the ready-to-wear fashion market.

The past three years have been such an amazing experience. I have been encouraged to be highly experimental with my chosen materials and surface explorations, allowing me to develop my own style and aesthetic.

The AUB show and New Designers were a valuable opportunity to gain experience in communicating and presenting myself in a professional environment. I am sad to be leaving AUB, as I have loved working within a studio environment alongside my peers. It has been great to see how we have all developed and improved over the three years and I look forward to see what the future holds for us all! Since graduating I have started working for the Hand & Lock concession at Topshop Oxford Circus, personalising Topshop garments with monogramming and embroidered patches.”