“My practice revolves around publishing. I’m particularly interested in the new directions in photography self-publishing, and how that market it really going up right now.

The concepts all revolve around linguistics and language. A lot of this bases itself on communication failure, particularly within contemporary art and photography. Hence the title of my book being a mistranslation of the Thai phrase for ‘I don’t understand’ or as the title ‘Doesn’t go into heart’.

The first year was quite difficult for me. It was the year I educated myself the most, and got motivated. In second year I started doing more projects and collaborating with more people and, by third year, I was able to sit down and have my own space to work and explore my ideas. I found it a lot of fun. The tutors, certainly Dave and Ronnie, were great. Everyone is incredibly clever and kind.

The facilities are great, and the technicians are even greater. They’re the people who allow us to use all this amazing technology.

I’m starting a publishing project. I’ll be based in Bournemouth for this, working with local artists and producing books.”