“I worked on More Hate than Fear. I was producer alongside Matthew Hodgkin, we both produced together. Realistically it was the four of us, myself, Billy, Matt and Molly. Billy was the Director and Molly was the Writer and Cinematographer, but together we were a team.

Like anything, it was long, stressful and an emotional rollercoaster. With making anything creative, it’s about ups and downs. We had a fantastic team around us, and realistically what was great about our team is that everyone was different. Everyone bought something different to the team. In terms of a collaborative effort it was fantastic, and eventually we got there.

There were moments I found stressful, like the edit suite, which is where I wasn’t quite happy with the first cut, but we worked through it. We had a few helping hands and I’m really happy with the final product.

It’s phenomenal to be here. The first time I came was last year, and it was so great to be around the people you’ve worked with. The atmosphere is fantastic, everyone’s celebrating the fact that they’ve made their film and they’ve really finished because it’s after Graduation. I’ve been working on and off for three and half years, so I’ve got my foot in the door. It’s been a fantastic three years!”