“I focus very much on drawing in my work.

I really love handcrafted things and engaging with the materials, I often do zines and comics, narrative-based work and a little hand drawn animation as well.

I’ve loved my time at AUB. I’ve been here for four years as I started on the Foundation course and went on to the Illustration degree.

It’s a really nice institution as it’s quite small and everyone you meet is creative in different ways so you get inspired by them.

You also have the opportunity to collaborate with different people and courses, I’ve worked a lot with Film and Photography which has been great.

The course is also really open and broad which is something I’ve really enjoyed.

I will now be starting my freelance career so I will be living on a canal boat in London for a bit and then I plan to move to Melbourne next year for a while and take a break, ready to come back and build up my own practice.”